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Author:  S.A. Pitina, G.V. Urvantsev

Affiliation:  Chelyabinsk State University

Abstract:  The object of research is urban onomasticon in modern English fiction and cinema discourse. It is understood as a complex lexical system created and functioning to form a city image in the consciousness of the readers and viewers. The theme of the article is to analyze peculiarities of real and invented, non-existing in reality place names and miner place names from the point of view of cognitive and discourse linguistics.
The main aim of the article is to prove that urban onomasticon forms a language and cultural background of fiction and cinema discourse and reflects both universal characteristics and national and cultural peculiarities of the local space in the analyzed novels and the serial. The authors reveal a set of generally used miner place names in a city space modeling, analyze miner place names functions and study the peculiarities of their choice in fiction and cinema discourse.
Conclusion: territories, connectors, sights, socially important urban objects and houses are the basic large clusters in a city space modeling, while place names and miner place names used by the authors and perceived by the readers and viewers make fiction and cinema discourse unique.

Keywords:  urban space, fiction discourse, cinema discourse, urban onomasticon

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For citation:  Pitina, S. A., & Urvantsev, G. V. (2018). Urban onomasticon in fiction and cinema discourse. Voprosy Kognitivnoy Lingvistiki, 1, 17-23. (In Russ.).

Pages:  17-23

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