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Author:  A.G. Minchenkov, A.A. Gorelova

Affiliation:  Saint Petersburg State University

Abstract:  Using texts by English-speaking authors of the second half of the XX – early XXI century, several English language corpora and data from a psycholinguistic experiment, the paper aims at exploring the structure of the concept DISRESPECT and the modern means of its linguistic representation.
The research methods used include contextual, cognitive and linguistic corpus analyses. The concept is shown as belonging to two cognitive domains – MENTAL STATE and HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. The authors identified a number of components denoted as subconcepts within the concept structure, and demonstrated that the concept is verbalized through its subconcepts at different levels – from word to text. Numerous linguistic means of representing the concept belonging to different grammatical classes are discussed and compared to the means found in mid-XIX – early XX century texts.
The paper also identifies a list of personal qualities and patterns of behaviour associated with disrespect in the mind of modern speakers of English. Overall, the study shows how the structure of the concept and the linguistic means of its representation have changed since the mid-XIX century, and how DISRESPECT is conceptualized by modern speakers of English.
The findings contribute to the field of cognitive semantics and concept studies.

Keywords:  concept, concept structure, subconcept, cognitive context, cognitive domain,
psycholinguistic experiment, linguistic representation.

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For citation:  Minchenkov, A. G., & Gorelova, A. A. (2019). Concept DISRESPECT: structure and linguistic representation. Voprosy Kognitivnoy Lingvistiki, 4, 141-150. (In Russ.).

Pages:  141-150

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