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Author:  E.S. Onufrieva

Affiliation:  Lomonosov Moscow State University

Abstract:  This paper explores the class of constructional phrasemes in Modern Greek and seeks to determine the position of different types of Modern Greek constructional phrasemes on the syntax-lexicon continuum.

Constructional phrasemes constitute syntactically autonomous utterances with an idiomatic fixed component and a non-idiomatic variable one, and as partially productive schemas occupy on the syntax-lexicon continuum the place between phraseology and syntax.

As is demonstrated in this paper, constructional phrasemes, which have been included in phraseological classifications relatively recently, do not constitute a homogeneous group of phraseological units. There is evidence to suggest that constructional phrasemes whose fixed component consists solely of function words and/or pronouns are closer to the grammatical pole of the continuum, while constructional phrasemes with content words in their fixed component are more towards the lexical pole of the continuum. Constructional phrasemes with semantically bleached content words in their fixed component occupy the intermediate district between the first and the second types of phrasemes.

As is demonstrated in this study, the key factor for locating constructional phrasemes on the syntax-lexicon continuum is the nature and the imagery potential of the elements that form their fixed component.

Keywords:  syntax-lexicon continuum, constructional phrasemes, syntactic phraseologisms,
structural types of constructional phrasemes, Modern Greek language.

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For citation:  Onufrieva, E. S. (2020). Constructional phrasemes of the Modern Greek language from the perspective of the syntax-lexicon continuum. Voprosy Kognitivnoy Lingvistiki, 3, 117-124. (In Russ.).

Pages:  117-124

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