All-Russian academic journal
“Issues of Cognitive Linguistics”

Subscription info

A subscription to the journal "cognitive linguistics" in 2017, can be obtained at any post office. Magazine (4 numbers) included in the catalogue "Newspapers and magazines" of "Rospechat" Agency for 2017, the index 18065. Periodicity: 2 times a year.

The cost of subscription to half – 1300 rbl., for the year was 2600 RUB.

To pay for a subscription, you can also at any branch of Sberbank (the subscription price in 2017 (4 rooms) – 2600 RUB., for international postage – 4000 RUB.) by postal transfer.

Payment details:

Payee – Russian public organization "Russian Association of linguists-kognitolog"

Current account 40703810161000100571 in the Tambov branch № 8594, Sberbank, Tambov

BIK 046850649

correspondent account 30101810800000000649

INN 6829002040

CAT 682901001

The RCM 68701000 Tambov

Name of payment – a Subscription to the journal "cognitive linguistics" for 2017.