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Author:  N.F. Scherbak

Affiliation:  Saint Petersburg State University

Abstract:  This article looks at the phenomenon of media discourse and the history of studying it. The aim of this article is to pinpoint the essential methodology required for analyzing media discourse, which implies the combination of the five models proposed by different authors and researchers.
The analysis of media discourse is seen as working best firstly with the use of the Critical Discourse Analysis framework developed by N. Fairclough. This approach requires functional grammar methodology and linguistic analysis developed initially by M.A.K. Halliday. The article also advocates the necessity of the social actors’ representation analysis developed by van Leeuwen including realization of activation and passivation patterns, personification and impersonalization, determination, abstraction, generification, backgrounding, circumstancialization.
This research also stresses the importance of applying a widely known socio-cultural model proposed and elaborated by Theo van Dijk which above all views discourse analysis as social practice.
The research aims at academic audience yet could be applicable to the study of media and have useful application for mass media production. This study advocates combination of approaches and a heterogeneous model of media discourse analysis which should be based on micro- and macro- context view, analysis of social actors, processes, theme and rheme relations, modality, genre specification. Consideration of different semiotic systems in the text is viewed as crucial.

Keywords:  Critical discourse analysis, media discourse.

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For citation:  , N. F. (2018). Media discourse. Voprosy Kognitivnoy Lingvistiki, 1, 12-16. (In Russ.).

Pages:  12-16

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